everyday objects as art / golden spiral / Philip Glass / negative space / architecture / neural mechanisms / Aestheticism / metaphor and metonymy / hardware stores / form & functionality / desert landscapes / duality / firescale / happy accidents /  Minimalism / found photos / geology


Paige Cheyne creates modern heirloom jewelry for bold women. With a scientific background and a maker's spirit, the line was established in 2015. 

I find beauty in the duality between the sturdy, solid piece of metal and the soft, organic, fluid shape it can be formed into.

Ethical Production

Committed to sustainability and localized production, this small batch brand is made exclusively by a team of skilled artisans in Downtown LA’s historic Jewelry District. Stones are ethically sourced and metal recycled. 

Compassionate Practices 

Giving back is important to us, which is why we donate 5% of sales to a rotating non-profit. Join our mailing list for periodic updates and changes.